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We at 1SG offer a unique style of doing business with our clients. Our business model is not only to assess your environmental needs, but to provide “real solutions” and options.

The mission of 1SG is to offer our clients the most economical and best available choices that thoroughly solve their environmental needs.

The three interlocking rings in the 1SG logo symbolize the combination of over three decades of experience in Environmental Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, and Health and Safety that our company has to offer.

The 1SG goal is not to offer a “quick fix” but, tangible solutions that allow us to develop a solid relationship with our clients.

Residential Mold Inspection, Commercial Mold Detection, Testing For Mold, testing for radon

How do I know that I have mold?

Mold will not always reveal itself to a visible sign. In many cases mold will grow within the walls, behind wallpaper, underneath a structure, in attics, in cellars or in any place that can support mold growth.

Why has mold become an issue now?

Since the advancements of research from screening, testing and tabulation of mold issues we now have a clearer understanding of the impact of persons and property.

Is that all I need to know?

NO! Your need of information should not stop here. Mold is only one of a number of issues that impact indoor environments. Consideration should be given to other factors of other indoor contaminants.